Mina Mahouti
Projectpartner: Paperplane Collective
Title: Forum Theater
Work: Theater, Performance, Workshops, Political Education, Empowerment
Location: Bolzano
Date: since October 2018


How can we make oppression visible? 
How can we enable change within?

Together with the Paperplane Collective we are working on Forum Theatre, an interactive theatre form developed by Augusto Boal. In the performances we deal with everyday situations in which different types of discrimination and oppression are addressed and together we develop solutions and strategies.

Forum Theatre is a powerful tool to empower people to tackle complex situations and to transfer more empathy into our daily life.

Through exchange, public interaction and participatory workshops, the content of the pieces is shaped and adapted to the place and the local community. 

Three pieces were conceptualised and performed at conferences, workshops and events.

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Photos by Beatrice Cera and Oliver Oppitz.