Mina Mahouti
Common Flax

Circular Design, Textile Installations, Videoproducing, Co-Design, Networkbuilding

Textiles, Publication, Film, Exhibition Design

Hamburg, Bolzano, Berlin 2020 – 2022

Schwob, SwissFlax


Considering the materials and objects that surround us, we often do not know from which resources they consist, where they come from and under which conditions the materials are processed. Because production takes place in distant countries all over the world.

Common flax is a geo–design project and a reaction and reflection on this present issue in the context of local flax production in Europe. Flax is one of the oldest crops in Europe. It has only been forgotten. With this project, Mina Mahouti intend to investigate the smallest scale in which linen processing can take place regionally and to create innovative and circular applications using an artistic and explorative approach.

Linen textiles from European cultivation and processing form the basis for installations. Linen is used to communicate through linen: Images, satellite pictures and graphics are visualized and woven into a linen fabric as stored information.

Through material research the potentials of this diverse crop beyond its traditional products are explored. In an exhibition, the objects are presented to create contact points with the raw material flax and to draw attention to the value of local manufacturing.