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Matter – Material Exploration with Flax

Research project to discover linen in combination with natural resins and waxes to develop natural composites.

Local materials:
The beeswax comes from the beekeeping in South Tyrol vom Ritten.
The spruce resin was obtained from resin leaks from the tree.

To achieve different results, different combinations of materials were tested. From a stiff fabric that is completely water repellent to a soft textile that absorbs only a limited amount of water. As a natural composite, the material can be used to seal, stabilise and protect surfaces. A combination of beeswax and spruce resin has proven particularly effective for stabilizing light- and pressure-sensitive woods.

In South Tyrol most of the tree resins are extracted from larches to make latsch turpentine. The turpentine is used as a base for lacquers and colours. The formerly widespread use of tree resin is now only practised on a small scale. In recent years, pine resin has been frequently used again in Portugal. Natural tree resin is an important ingredient in adhesives, wound healing products and cosmetics, but the areas of application are even broader. 

With these material experiments I aim to emphasize the value of local resources. Through these experiments new facets of linen textiles can be developed and circular applications can be created.