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Wooden Surfboard

The aim of the project is to create a light wooden surfboard which does not harm the environment. Therefore a tool was designed to make the traditional surfboard production more interesting again and to support the process of building an own surfboard. 

Basically there are six steps to build the surfboard:

The first step is to create a three-dimensional model based on the selected shape by sketching the inner construction in the form of a skeleton. With the help of a laser cutter, this skeleton can be precisely cut out of a multiplex birch wood and joined together. In this way the constructing part can begin. The floor and top are sawn from thin paulownia wood. In the next step, the glue is applied to the construction on the bottom and top panels and the rails are reinforced with wooden strips for fixing. When the board is closed, the shaping begins. The rails are planed and the whole surfboard is sanded down. Followed by installing the fins, vent-plug and leash-plug to the board. The last steps are sealing and waxing the board with natural resins before surfing. 

This surfboard does not contain epoxy resin and glass fibres, as these have a great environmental impact and are not degradable in nature.

An open source manual is created, in which all steps of the construction are described. The process and tools are explained, and it is ensured that simple and few tools are used, so that everyone has the opportunity to build the board at home.

Here you can find an open source file, a step-by-step manual and information to the project: www.circularsurfing.de