Mina Mahouti
Title: Wooden Surfboard
Work: Craft, Productdesign, Circular Design, Open Design, Material Research
Location: Bolzano
Date: Since 2019 

Details: This project creates a light wooden surfboard that does not harm the environment.
Therefore a tool was designed to make the traditional surfboard production more interesting again and to support the process of building an own surfboard.

An open-source manual is created that describes all the steps of the construction. The process and tools are explained and it is ensured that simple and few tools are used so that people have the possibility to build the board at home or in the garden.

This surfboard does not contain epoxy resin and glass fibres, as these have a great environmental impact and are not degradable in nature.

Basically there are six steps to build the surfboard. Here you can find an open source file, a step-by-step manual and more information about the project:


Workshops for surfboard building are planned for autumn 2021 in Hamburg and Berlin. For more information and pre-reservations, feel free to contact me by email.