Mina Mahouti
Greenlab 12.0 
Lab for Sustainable Design Strategies


Teaching and Workshopformats in the field of material mapping and material centered design at weissensee school of art and design Berlin.

As part of Greenlab 12.0 at the Weißensee School of Art & Design, I teach in the theme area "Flechten/Flechte". Within the course, we are looking into the old cultural technique and craft of braiding/weaving (Flechten). Moreover, lichens (Flechte) are also considered in the biological sense as communities of fungi and algae that develop their special characteristics and growth forms only in symbiosis. 

Greenlab / Lab for Sustainable Design Strategies

Greenlab, an institution of the design departments at weißensee academy of art berlin, links projects at the academy with practical research and the worlds of business and industry with the goal of developing and inspiring concepts for sustainable and ecological products and services. This research-oriented cooperation is aimed at developing new concepts that pay attention to ecological, social, and cultural needs, and realizing them with the use of design methods and strategies. 

Berlin, SS/22 WS 22/23

Greenlab at KHB – Weißensee Kunsthochschule