Mina Mahouti
Mina Mahouti works as a designer and creative consultant at the intersection of circular design, research and craft. Her work focuses on both an ecological understanding of material cycles and the biological, social and geo-political contexts of matter. In the course of her projects, she investigates the future potential of resources for applications in the field of circularity. She has the intention to uncover processes that have become distant in the course of the industrialisation and to develop an understanding of the materials that surround us.

Empathetic projects based on research and cooperation between transdisciplinary partners are realised to address critical reactions to contemporary phenomena and developing ideas about future scenarios through various design formats.

Focus of her work:
geo–political, social engaged design
creative consulting 
visual conception 
project management
circular design
material research
product development
interior design
exhibition design


For cooperation, orders and commissions for upcoming projects: